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I'm Erik Bladin.

Coming from a family of musicians, trained in classical music, I have a background in sharing the subtle. Music is known to have beneficial effects on the body and the mind, and I have always felt it is a potential healing approach for the public.

I became interested early on in the healing powers that nature has to offer and decided to follow her path. I first trained in aromatherapy in order to use essential oils as safely as possible and to know their main contraindications and precautions of use. Then, I trained in energy healing as well as the different approaches of naturopathy : the medicinal and nutritional aspect of plants and whole foods, gemmotherapy (buds), bee products, clay, Bach flowers...

I also combine energy and music in my practice. 

The two have a lot in common, but there is one element that stands out in particular – vibration. A musical note is the product of a vibratory frequency oscillating at a certain speed, this speed of oscillation is measured in Hertz. Tibetan singing bowls, for example, emit vibrations that call for relaxation (Alpha brain waves).

Vis medicatrix naturae (nature heals)

 Hippocrate of Cos (approx. 460 – 370 BC)

We all have a fabulous self-healing power; the whole thing is to rebalance this vital force that we unconsciously neglect in our everyday lives : stress, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, digestion of our emotions, and many other parameters contributing to increasing health issues. 

As a holistic therapist, my mission is to help you reconcile with your body and mind, and regain balance, harmony, and health to fully enjoy life.

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