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I'm Erik Bladin, Holistic therapist* 

in Saint-Just-sur-viaur, Aveyron, France

*Please find the definition of holism in the 'About' section below.

Do you need a moment just for yourself to let go? To experience a moment of relaxation where the entirety of your being is taken into account? To gain perspective on one or several situations that are troubling you?

I offer you a warm welcome in a caring environment where nature is ever-present, where I listen to you with my heart without passing any judgment whatsoever.

For at least 15 years, I have been practicing in this field of providing support. However, due to a passion that has driven me since birth — music — I couldn't fully dedicate myself to it. Nevertheless, almost 3 years ago, I made the decision to make every effort to start offering and providing my holistic care to anyone wishing to take a step forward on their path toward well-being.

It's been one year since I opened the doors to my office, and it has been my joy to welcome you there to offer my services.

Welcome to my website!

I wish you a pleasant experience.

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Vis medicatrix naturae (Nature heals) 

 Hippocrates of Cos (approx. 460 – 370 B.C.)

The concept of holism was highly valued by Hippocrates (approx. 400-370 B.C.), a physician in Ancient Greece. He has been defined by Larousse as "the greatest physician of Antiquity". 

Holism is a comprehensive approach to health that takes into account the human being as a physical, emotional, spiritual, and other multifaceted entity.

As a holistic therapist, I employ a variety of techniques, primarily energy healing, to accompany you on a comprehensive level. I always begin from a standpoint of openness, compassion, non-judgment, and, most importantly, with respect for each individual's principles, needs, and beliefs.

We all have a fabulous self-healing power; the whole thing is to rebalance this vital force that we unconsciously neglect in our everyday lives : stress, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, digestion of our emotions, and many other parameters contributing to increasing health issues. 

As a holistic therapist, my mission is to help you reconcile with your body and mind, and regain balance, harmony, and health to fully enjoy life.

Charter of ethical principles :

My services

Do you wish to know more about my services? An information page in english is coming soon; in the meantime, feel free to contact me directly!

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Musica Plantae

Sound Healing 

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